With this website I hope to share stories or examples of what I have come to learn are spiritual connections and contacts throughout my life.  I hope to illustrate how our incarnation on this planet is far more than our physical being or material surroundings; and as such that our purpose here is about our soul’s evolution rather than for temporary, instant gratifications of material accumulation.  We are each on a “hero’s journey” and one’s journey can not be measured against another’s for each is as unique as the soul it encapsulates.

I came into this world with the need to “remember” that I have “been” somewhere before.  This could be a karmic path that I am blinded to by the veil or it could be me returning after some sort of voluntary astral or off world travel or even possibly involuntary abduction by other world beings.  I’ve been blessed with peeks through that veil enough so that I’ve been able to identify a few of my past lives both here on Earth and elsewhere. as well as connect with many spiritual guides of which I’d say some are incarnate while some are not. What information I get from these guides has so far seemed to pertain to me, my spiritual growth and my health. I am not a prophet just a wonderfully lowly channel with only myself as an example to share.

Although we all have personal karma we are working through we also have collective karma.  Reincarnation teaches us that we have been present before at the many critical junctures in our history.  The Civil War, Slavery, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Vietnam War, 9/11 Twin Towers, we are all energetically responsible for these, and all other, earthly events via our own collective consciousness.  We carry the memories of the choices we made in these lifetimes and regardless of which side of an argument we may have been on we are all living out the karma of those collective decisions; collective cause and effect.  Our historical cycles of war, poverty, disease, and hatred are undeniable evidence of our inability to learn from our mistakes or to forgive them.  Forgiveness being a primary action necessary to stop the wheel of karma and thereby allowing the soul to evolve.

Those of Ra explain at 34.4: 

“Our understanding of karma is that which may be called inertia. Those actions which are put into motion will continue using the ways of balancing until such time as the controlling or higher principle which you may liken unto your braking or stopping is invoked. This stoppage of the inertia of action may be called forgiveness. These two concepts are inseparable.


Through this website I have an opportunity that previous generations did not.  Although I have many members of my maternal lineage that are empaths, clairvoyant, channelers, and experiencers; I did not realize to what high degree until these most recent years.  This website honors those that felt they could not share their experiences, and as such, suffered in isolation and silence.

The opinions on this website are my own. Please take what you can use and simply leave the rest. 

Why the name Child of Hamelin?  There are many reasons* and I am often discovering new one’s.  I dedicate this site to the children; those innocent lives lost through the course of our own selfish human events. May we learn to forgive ourselves these hidden pasts and secret shames and end this vicious cycle of karma and free our planet Earth at long last.

*Greetings of Love and Light m’Lady, from the Americas 🙂