Hello Dear Reader. You have found my blog or perhaps you were invited, either way…Welcome!

Why did I begin this blog? I needed a way to express some things that have happened and are happening in my life that I feel important enough to share but that are of such a topic matter that it is both difficult to share as to receive any understanding as a result of that sharing. How is that for confusing.

I see this blog as my cave painting. It will last long into the future via the Archive.org and the Way Back Machine.; the digital record that never gets erased. It is simply my testimony and one day perhaps it will trigger someone else to remember and connect the spiritual dots within their own current life history and find that spark of Spirit.

This is a blog about spirituality but not about religion. It is about renewing my relationship with Jesus The Christ and learning from his teachings through the Holy Bible, translations from the Aramaic, other sacred texts and many of his long time followers. This blog will discuss inter-dimensional beings and existences, a fancy word for realms, Angels and Demons or Guardians and evil ETs…whatever names are used this blog is intended to polarize to the positive, toward the Light, toward unity and free will. This blog is specifically contrary to that which would enslave and control. While also understanding that by virtue of being on the path of Christ one falls under the attack of the “not so helpful” ones.

A word about my terms: they are all over the place. I will use several terms to describe what I believe to be those benevolent guides or guardians assigned to us by the Creator to assist us: Angel, Spirit Guide, Guardian, Holy Spirit, Christ Light, Bird Tribe, Energy, Being, Divinity…to me it is all one voice now. To me that is the voice of God. I am self educated in many areas and I draw my vocabulary and my perceptions from a wide view. I do not discount anything I have learned but rather heap it all into the collective of my mind for processing. God is everywhere so everything has meaning.

This blog will one day talk about the Spiritual War that I’ve been blind to most of my life but blind no more. This blog will talk about conspiracy realities; the many things unbelievable at one time are par for the course today. Geo -engineering being just one big example. I will shy away from “misinformation” and rather provide too many information sources to my personal opinions. My posts will be long cause I can’t seem to help myself and I post infrequently.

Why the name Child Of Hamelin? Originally I believed I was only doing it as a hat’s off to another blogger site. That is why I began here at Word Press, I felt compelled in 2020-2021 that I needed a way to just share these experiences that otherwise would not come up in casual conversation.

The website Glamiscalling.org has a refrain posted throughout “It is 734 years since our children left”. So I also thought I was using the name in honor of missing and exploited children. But the more that I learn about our world events and see the disclosure of so much disturbing fact I begin to believe I named it “Child of Hamelin” because we adults all hold some responsibility in the current state of the world.

We adults have failed to pay the Piper. We fell for propaganda and social engineering and taxation without representation. We allowed ourselves to become separated from God, from our eternal souls…as they are just an after thought. We focus on the material. Our children pay the price for that.

And I named it Child of Hamelin for fairytales that are true….

We all have a relationship with the unseen world. Our ignorance to that is certainly to our own detriment. The “not so helpful ones”, the “demons” want us to be ignorant of it as it is their way into influencing our behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Depending on how you personally develop yourself will determine what is surrounding you in the invisible world. With no spiritual grounding you are free reign for evil, there is no simpler way to put it. Yes, it is true that the devout come under attack…but when you put on the Armor of God you are able to recognize spiritual attack and protect yourself with the Light of the Christ to a far and successful degree not otherwise achievable.

There are many people that I have met on this journey both in person and through the cyber connection. I am one that does believe you can form a deep friendship with another over the internet. While we know the horror stories we often miss the beautiful stories of long formed friendships that come from the seeking and finding of like minded individuals. Many of these beautiful people you will meet in the posts. Some will remain unacknowledged for they were met in the “anonymous” groups where we keep each other’s confidence. While other relationships are more important to identify and I try to honor that.

This blog isn’t intended as “social media”, although I do share the link, it is not to drive followers rather it is just something one might stumble on and it might resonate with their experiences. And do feel free to contact or comment. I do not strive to be an influencer rather just sharing.

I work to better myself and my soul so that what I add to the collective is of the highest possible Christed vibration. My terms may not be “biblical” and my prayers mirror more the Essene’s than the Holy Bible today but I think Jesus is ok with that. Still a work in progress and still flawed I walk prayerfully in the direction of love and benevolence awaiting the experiences to come.

Thank you,


P.S. Mystic is an anonymous name. Some of you know me already. Just an average person but with “experiences” it’s sometimes good to use a cover name. This one I use because a dear, dear friend asked me to use it and as he is no longer here it is how I shall honor his memory.