Orbs Oh Holy Orbs

Orbs, ball lighting, spirit energy etc. a phenomenon so constant today as to be the norm.  I am not talking of the artistically embedded orbs used over green screen on the t.v. which I noticed appearing regularly in 2017/2018.  I mean the light energy orbs that we have been picking up with our cameras since the beginning of cameras.  Born in 1961 I’m the era of the Brownie camera.  I remember as far back as then seeing light anomalies in photographs, albeit many were likely lens flares.  I believe both technological advances as well as the Cosmic/Galactic changes that we are currently undergoing play a role in our ability to capture this phenomenon on camera.  What they are, why they appear, where they come from, and what they wish to impart have been my questions and at the root of my search since 2014.

Taken A still shot of a golden colored energy orb flying by.  Setting is a living room with a radiating heater, small shelf of books and a bit untidy green couch.
Taken November 2014, a screen shot of a golden orb in motion. Diana Cooper in Enlightenment Through Orbs, Ch 15 states the gold orb is the energy of Arch Angel Uriel.

It was my first smart phone that captured them on video. I was so excited see them in motion I would say I became a bit obsessed with filming them. Today I have over 600 and possibly as many as 1000 of these videos. During the years 2010 – 2017 I was a client of a shamanic healing practice called Healing Key Way, [http://www.healingkeyway.com] as these very first videos appeared. A very good program developed by William Phipps and Karen Kuenning which helps the client to address traumas and other issues through spiritual path work. I highly recommend it although I personally do not practice any longer I was trained to the level of Practitioner 2017 – 2019. In each session sacred space is created and statements to do “only the highest good” during sessions occur. I do feel the work that I did through out the years as a client and later as Practitioner has opened me up to greater spiritual reality, specifically due to this type of intent.

Watch to the end and you will see a beautifully colorful orb fly past my two dear pets as they play. This is my very first capture on video. This was taken 11/24/2014.

I did not recognize, at the time, that I had seen this phenomena in motion before, not just in photographs but with my eyes; it would be another 7 years before I’d connect today’s orbs with  experiences I had as a  small child.  As a child I did speak about my experiences because I was searching for someone who had the same experience…or for anyone to tell me what it was that I was seeing.  My expression of those experiences when I was young garnered me some negative attention so I eventually learned not to express them.  The inability to express my experiences would become an ingredient in my atheism which would be a primary force in my rocky past.  It would be my recognition of that lack of spirituality that would create the drive toward seeking Source or Creator.

This is what I call a feather orb. I captured this at home just after finishing a session with my Shaman. I left the sound on so you could hear my excitement at what I am seeing.

At first I thought these orbs were ghosts.  It was a time when paranormal shows were really getting big and of course they were always capturing orbs in their haunted locations. As I would search the internet for information I found very little in 2014-2015.  There were two books by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell with photographs and their channeling as to who or what the orbs are.  “Every Orb is the visible manifestation of a spiritual being that radiates a message or energy or both,” is what they write in Enlightenment Through Orbs.  Those photographed in their books are the manifestations of Ascended Masters, Saints and Arch Angels.  They include many beautiful meditations to do while focusing on the photographs. I also ran into the Cosmic Disclosure duo of David Wilcock {www.DivineCosmos.com] and Corey Goode [SphereBeingAlliance.com], Secret Space Program insiders and leaders within the Disclosure community.  Corey Goode is well known for his travels via a blue sphere or Orb and his contacts with Higher Density Beings.  David is self educated in the sciences, also an ET contactee and channeler. These two men have brought me furthest in my understanding of what the Orbs might be. In David’s recent class Gateway to the Galactic Mind he does say not to take the  appearance of orbs lightly as they could be “entire motherships” of benevolent ET’s.  Added to the work of Carla Ruckert and L/L Research channeling Ra and The Law of One and I’m left with…Star Family.  

Today, my iPhone captures the Orbs almost as well as my original Android did. These are from October 2021.

In 2014 I was beginning to learn Consciousness Kinesiology or Muscle Testing, as a means of communicating with my Higher Self and building my intuition.  Through this testing I was able to determine that the energy is indeed spiritual, other dimensional and benevolent. Through later meditative practices is when it became clear that there was purpose to their overly obvious presence in my life today.  I’m beginning to believe that purpose may simply be to show that something exists beyond what my physical senses can determine. That they are evidence of my Star Family and an existence beyond that of this lifetime and this planet.  The dots have now connected to another early childhood memory showing me they’ve been with me all along.  Perhaps what I am to “remember” coming into this life might have something to do with these beautiful beings of light.

A darkened living room, book shelf on the wall with many books and objects. In from of that is a green high back couch.  In the center of the frame is a large white orb in which you can see 3 other orbs inside.  A mother ship perhaps?
A screen grab from October 2021. You can actually see 3 Orbs within the larger one. Mothership perhaps?

Please comment and share below. If you would like to add an experience or story to this blog please email me via the contact form as I will happily consider it. You use your own by line and I will always place a copyright under that name for you. I do not wish to own your story only to have a space where you might share it.


  1. wanderer1213 says:

    I have a thought the orbs could be our spirit guides, other higher dimensional beings whose vibration is higher than we at this dimension can see, but animals, our cameras, other devices, some more sensitive people can see.

    I know my granddaughter saw her great grandfather before as a toddler, she pointed up to my moms ceiling and called out his name. She was born after he passed, but she knew what his photo looked like, and she did smile and said he was up in the corner of my moms home before. I wasn’t there, but my daughter relayed this information to me afterwards.

    Anyway, I thank you for sharing, I do believe if our vibration levels got higher ourselves, then we’d see other beings, higher density beings better defined vs just light orbs or smoky air/colors, etc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sonia says:

      I wonder too if they aren’t preparing us somehow to see more. Also they are very good evidence of intelligent infinity. 🙂


  2. Dylan CAldwell-Tuttle says:

    Strange how reading this keeps triggering memories, but also when i was very little i used to watch what i called “wind channels” which existed everywhere but i could only really see them if i totally relaxed my body and un-focused my eyes. I would watch them in a space for almost hours at a time. The closest description i can come up with is they looked a lot like the alien “water being” in the movie ‘The Abyss’ but many of them winding around each other and entwining, very faint, but everywhere.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing!


    1. Mystic says:

      Hi Dylan: I’m so happy you visited. Somehow I am not surprised it is triggering memories. Sometimes you might think you are imagining it but I tend to believe more in the being “reminded” of what we have long forgotten. It is through the sharing that I think we get both validation and healing.

      Ask any questions and also the sources I link to are good things to read…like Voyagers. That one you would understand I believe.



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