I Am Where I Came From

by Margaret

Where did I come from?

I have always been here.

I will always be here.

I am an integral part of creation that has been violently torn from, trust out, or even kidnapped from the womb that is all Creation.

Everyone’s experience is different. Many see it as gentle and even loving. I remember violence.

Everyone can remember because what we experience is all recorded in memory, no matter how successful we are at hiding it from ourselves.

It gets better and so mind blowingly better than the human illusion can ever imagine.

From the first moments after birth we draw babies out of reality into the human illusion. They are taught to use their creativity and imagination to sever connections with creation and make connections with a select few members of humanity. We have all gone through this initiation, which can be likened to brain washing.

The most damaging thing we are taught is that our beliefs are real, not made up by ourselves and those around us, and most damaging of all is the beliefs is we cannot be one with creation while living our lives here.

It is for everyone to reunite with creation, no matter how you define it, before your body wears out.

From the very first man, we have known to seek out some thing. Be it truth, God, enlightenment, waking up, or the many words that ultimately mean reunification.

From soon after that first man, words were used to hide the truth and to believe in ourselves instead of creation. Communication with creation all but ended.

The cycle of life became interrupted.

I came from creation and developed my own belief system based on my environment and my imagination and creativity. I completely bought into the human paradigm and lived close to 68 years. How I prepared to reunite with creation is one of many paradoxes that have come to fruition. A mystery and yet perfectly clear at the same time.

What is known is that I am reunited with creation and it will not be severed. Also that everyone can be reunited with creation by shedding the entire human illusion to discover who you were and always have been. Nothing is lost and all is gained. I am now an observer of my life and all life around me. I am spirit in human form. I am creation observing itself and it’s creation, humanity.

Where did I come from? I came from where I am. HOME

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Copyright © Margaret 2021

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