by Margaret

Where I came from and where I seek to return can be best described as oblivion. Where thoughts and words do not exist. Where there is only peace, full inclusion, and good. Oneness that existed from the beginning of creation and will be for unknown time to come. Where time does not exist. A state of pure being without consciousness of being.

The miracle of all miracles happened when out of creation’s mass variety a biological creatures a (CREAT-ure) developed that could give creation awareness and consciousness of itself.

Then man began to do creation in his image.

First he named creation GOD and gave god human characteristics and began to believe in all sorts of other things that separated him from creation.

From creation came something disconnected from itself. MAN

Out of creation came a creature that separates itself on purpose and teaches it’s offspring to follow it’s example from birth.

Man can not achieve perfection while separate from creation, BUT, man can learn and experience things in a way creation can not. Man and creation became a team.

Through man, creation gained self awareness. Through creation man gained creativity and imagination enough to stay separated and thus become everything humanity can become from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other. If looked at like an experiment, the scientists must allow all possibilities, no matter how harsh, in order to glean all the data. The experiment will play out to one of 2 outcomes.

  1. The human race will recognize creation once more and join with it to use the knowledge gained for peace and goodness.
  2. The human race will continue on it’s path of destruction until creation can no longer support it.

Then the experiment ends. PEACE ON EARTH
Either way

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Copyright © Margaret 2021

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