Part 1 Contact: Visitors from Other Worlds

The following experience is written from two perspectives.  First is an enduring memory I have from age four. The second is from from an astral perspective or disassociated view and a memory more recently surfaced.  The italicized portion is memory that has come back over the years and most specifically this past year plus (2020-21).  I attempt to illustrate what I saw decades ago using the photos, screen shots and videos of more recent years’ light anomalies or orbs.  

Part One will be retelling my experience with little or no comment nor conclusion .  In Part Two (or more) I will explore the possibilities, beyond the material realm, using the various opinions and multiple academic, scientific, historic and spiritual sources that I have studied over the years that inform this experience as what can be called “otherworldly”, “spiritual” or “multi-dimensional”. The use of quotes does not necessarily evidence a belief system nor endorsement of the person quoted. Rather it is the best descriptive language, at this time, while also showing the many sources and works that touch on the theories surrounding our eternal souls and our place within Creator’s Universe.

Part One: Contact

A 1960's single family two story home.  Sapling trees in the yard, indicative of it's newness, a blue car parked in a neighbors driveway and very green grass marking the spring season.
My home in Maryland Easter 1964/65. The upstairs window on the right is the bedroom I shared with my sister.

Waking from sleep my eyes are still closed. I ‘feel’ the words “Don’t open your eyes you might see something that will scare you.” Still my eyes open and then I see the warning was not without merit. Right before my eyes, floating upward from the floor and between the bed and the wall was my greatest fear, a spider.  Not just any spider though, this was a grand daddy long legs spider and I really do not like them.  It floats upward vertically and then begins moving horizontally over my bed.  Throwing the blanket over my head my first thought was of my big sister.  I’m not worried about her, I need her to save me.  She is asleep in the twin bed next to mine.  I know it will only take one foot on the floor and I can launch myself into her bed and into safety. Except there was a floating grand daddy long legs over the top of me.

Grand daddy long legs spider. Small reddish body with brown spots, 6 legs sprout from the tiny center.

Managing to turn over in bed under the covers it is only a couple of seconds out in the open and I am in the safety of my sister’s bed with the blanket over both of us.  She is not too happy about it as I’ve woken her up.  

“There is a spider! It’s floating in the room and it was over my bed and now it’s over us,” I sputter on the verge of crying.

“Shut up and go get Mom then!” saying ‘shut up’ was against the rules but I didn’t bring it up.

“No, it’s out there,” whining now.

“Nothing is out there, just look.  Go get Mom and Dad,”  she groaned as she turned over to get back to sleep.

(Italics are used to depict parts of the memory that came later).

I am actually in two places now.  There in my childhood home running across the almost bare wood floor.  I am also up above, viewing the scene from the ceiling…there is no roof on the house and I can view all the rooms from this vantage point. I am looking down at the twin beds and I see it.  A tall grayish, brownish, long legged, creature with a large head and big black eyes.  My sister, still asleep in her bed, is held in a blue light. I move beyond the bedroom wall to my parent’s room.  I see this time two creatures like the first, each is on either side of my parent’s bed.  They are doing something. Checking something?

A very real looking animation of a tall grey ET, very thin, greyish blue skin and large black eyes, can not see any white to the eyes.
Clipart image of a grey alien, this is very close to what I see in this memory.

I know it’s no use, my sister can’t help and I’d have to go to my parent’s room.  I brave a peek from under the blanket. Coast is clear and I hit the floor running.  Across the little rug and hard wood floor I run out of the room, into the hall and turn toward my parents room.  

There I see the small 4 year old form that is me, a splash of black hair,  pajama top and bottoms, white with maybe a light colored print on them.  I watch as she (myself) jumps from one bed to the other; then again from that bed she runs right through the first creature who then vanishes, splitting off into shards or pieces that fly into the air before disappearing. The blue beam is also gone. As she (myself) stands at the doorway of her parents room the two creatures cease their activities and look toward the doorway, she (me) doesn’t see these two creatures same as she did not see the first.  What was a grand daddy long legs is now clear to me, from my perch above, a beautifully, multi colored round orb of light.  The creatures seem to react, looking up, as the orb enters my parent’s room.  They vanish, much like the first, and my view from above ceases.

clip art image of grey extra terrestrial
Another clipart image that closely resembles what I remember seeing.

I stand in the doorway of my parent’s room and I see it again.  The grand daddy long legs is moving toward the bed right to where my parent’s are sleeping.  I let out one of those little girl, high pitched screams.  To this day I can safely say I’ve never seen two people wake up and get out of bed so fast. In seconds I am in my mother’s arms and my father is looking about for what could have caused such a ruckus. He looks into our room and my sister is now sitting up.  I guess I’ve woken her up too.

I was insistent to my parents about what I did see and worried for them and the grand daddy long legs return.  To keep me calm and so they too could get sleep it was decided I would be in bed with my sister with the lights on.  I was thrilled, my sister not so much.  My parent’s go back to bed and my sister is soon asleep again.  I, however, am wide awake. 

The above screen shot from Nov 2014 shows how the orb in motion has a sort of tail trailing behind. The one by my bed was moving vertically with the tail looking like legs.

Sitting up slightly on my pillow watching our doorway and the dark hallway beyond something white comes from the left of the door jam, like something partially sticking out of our 3rd bedroom.  I lift up to see better.  I am not frightened. It slowly moves back behind the doorway and out of sight. I return to a reclined position and a few seconds later there it is again; partially sticking out from the doorway.  There are many cycles of this exchange that today I realize is a “peek a boo” game.  I am very  curious and know this has something to do with my scare earlier but the spider is now far from my thoughts.

Taken over Thanksgiving 2021 at my mother’s home. This is a very good example of what I was seeing peering from the other side of the door jam although what I saw was much more solidly white.

Flattening my blankets to make sure they are not in the way of what I am seeing.  Of course the blankets are pink and this object is very white. Solid from my perspective.  With 4 year old aged limits on memory and images I consider that this is a cartoon baker’s leg. I imagine a baker in a hat with a white apron and white pants.  I decide he is sticking out his leg and then pulling it back. Later in life I would also equate this to a white robe of a Priest or an Angel.  As this “peek a boo” continues I realize I know things in my head but not hearing any words.  I know that this white thing is very sorry about my being frightened earlier.  It is concerned with me and wants me comforted. It has a distinct male energy; strong and protective.  And it has something to show me.  

I know this to be a gift to be shown to me and not something I will hold or keep.  I anticipate and my curiosity builds.  Then from the 3rd bedroom, up near the ceiling and against the far wall of the hall they begin to fly.  Ribbons and ribbons of colorful light; greens, yellows, blues, whites, reds, pinks.  They flow down the hall and out of sight before returning on the opposite wall.  I do not know how much time passes but they slowly begin to fade away.  Looking back at the doorway expectantly, smiling because I am very happy now and awaiting the next surprise.

What I recall seeing at age 4 was much more uniform. This is the closest example from 2015. Notice even having the television on doesn’t deter “the visitors”.

“What is next?”, I think in my head.  

Wanting to see more and curious as to who is doing all these tricks for me I ask, “Can I see what you look like?” “Come out from the doorway so I can see you.” “I want to know who is there.” All of these thoughts are in my head but I feel I am conversing with something.

Again there is a knowing that I will not be permitted to see more than has been shown so far.  I become disappointed and even begin to pout.  Suddenly there is a shift in the energy and I am going to see something more; what I can only describe as a “negotiation” with others (?) a deal is struck and I am going to be allowed to see more than what has been shown.  I have no fear just a sense of peace and protective love.  I wait a few seconds.  From behind the door jam of the 3rd bedroom reaches out a hand. This is an adult male human hand and it does twinkle fingers at me. Not in the least threatening.  A little wave from a large, brown, human male hand.  Then it was gone.  

Clip art of the Hands of God drawing with one finger hand reaching out for the other.
Not what I saw but appropriate.

The sounds of movement come from the room to the right.  My father is up and I can not wait to tell him about everything that has happened since they went back to sleep.  As he readied himself for work I began retelling what had happened.  Likely I was very excited and talking very fast as was my habit.  I tried to explain that “a man” had been there visiting me and trying to make me feel better and that he sent me colors and I could talk to him without any words.  This was not met with equal excitement.  As far as my Dad remembered I was scared out of my wits and now I’m talking about some “man” in the house visiting? What nonsense. 

My father, being fatherly, did not want me ranting about such fantasies and scaring everyone the house.  I am certain that “the man” is still in other room. A normal parental thing to have me do is go to the room and see that there is nothing there; nothing to be frightened of and no man, it was only a dream.  I explain I was awake the whole time and the light was on. Dad insisted and so I went to that 3rd bedroom.  Looking in the doorway the room looks like a photograph negative, and there in the center of the room is what looks like a human man kneeling on one knee and closing a briefcase. I can not make out his features. He appears to be closing the case which was a rectangular, hard type case with the locks that push down and unlike my father’s which was soft leather, more like a bag with a handle and a snap to close it.  The man turned and his head moved as if he was looking at me as I stand in the doorway.  Then he vanishes and the room returns to normal.

two strips of negative format film
When looking into the 3rd bedroom the entire room was colored thusly.

I run back to my Dad.  “I saw it, I saw it, it was still there.  The man was there and he looked at me…and, and….”  My father threw up his arms and left for work shortly after.  I waited for my mother and sister to wake up and hear all about what happened.  I received much the same response from them as with my Dad; it was a dream, I had a nightmare, or I watched something scary on television etc.  It would be decades before I would begin to put the pieces together.

My sister, Linda, on the right. Me on the left. I believe it to be about this age when I had this experience. 1965ish.

End Part One.

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  1. TheZenith says:

    Wow what a story. Really looking forward to part two for your thoughts and commentary on these experiences. Interesting in the extreme. I find it fascinating that you remember this from so many decades ago. Makes me wonder about my own childhood. I have a sense that I have lost memories or time..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TheZenith says:

    Reblogged this on The Spirit Channel and commented:
    An extremely interesting account of someone who has awakened memories of ‘visitations’. These ongoing series of posts succinctly and expressly reveal how interlinked the ‘spiritual’ and ‘non-terrestrial’ are.


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