They Called Her Chicken Little

“Chicken Little, Chicken Little why do you scream?

You’ve woken the whole household 

From it’s very peaceful dream!”

Says a tiny voice just so..

“Because something is coming, something is coming

The sky is falling” – I say, “it’s falling like snow”

“Chicken Little, Chicken Little why we can see the sky

Why it’s right there, outside and 

Well it’s up really high”

“I give you my word for I saw it myself

The sky is falling in big bright colors 

I might’ve even met an elf!”

“Chicken Little, Chicken Little you are an insolent brat

fanning the flames of controversy will land you in trouble

and we will make sure of that.”

“They are falling, they are falling from way high up above 

Beautiful balls of light and ribbons of many colors

And, oh yes, they are carrying with them – Love.”

“Chicken Little, Chicken Little you insist but to no avail

Your stories of sightings and visions give us concern

Please just go to your room, there you can wail.”

With a sigh Chicken Little bowed her tiny head,

“They don’t believe a word

Not a single thing I’ve said”

“Then the ‘thought words’, ever graceful they came

They aren’t words in her head but feelings 

and it is communication just the same.”

They gift to me these words of comfort and hope,

“We are here Dear One, worry not at all

We come to assist you and for a time teach you to cope”

“Eternal your friends and family we are 

And Creator’s Love for you knows no bounds

It is infinite and reigns from many a Galactic Star”

“Forever with you we shall be

In the years to come and far from here

You shall recognize us, that we do decree.”

For my grandsons Mason and Max

with a special thank you to my Brother of Sorrow, Zenith of Spirit Channel


  1. bymaryearlgmailcom says:

    Is your website still up? I can’t find it. Please send the link.

    Very nice chicken little poem.

    Sending you some writings from the last year you may like.

    Margaret ♥️


  2. bymaryearlgmailcom says:

    I have not been seeing your posts because they are coming in the social file of emails, which I never check. For an unknown serendipitous reason gmail opened in social today and I saw you there. ♥️


    1. Mystic says:

      I haven’t posted since June or July I think. Been on a research bender. 🙂


  3. bymaryearlgmailcom says:

    Did you get the shared files I sent?


    1. Mystic says:

      I am checking. This site is connected to a separate email address that I do not visit as often as I should. 💜


  4. bymaryearlgmailcom says:

    Found the website. Are you a mystic? Having been a mystic for 2 years now, wondering about your awakeness and entry into the oneness that is creation. Came to share with you last summer, remember? Trying to share some writing with you, but old phone not cooperating. Keep in touch. Margaret ❤️


    1. Mystic says:

      Awakening is ongoing. It is a continual revealing of truths about how one’s growth is catalyzed by the “self” that one allows to walk by rather than react to. I still react but getting better. There is more to come just been busy getting my information to a point I am satisfied with before posting it.


      1. bymaryearlgmailcom says:

        Have you found nonduality? All is oneness, no thing is or can be separate? Behind all the illusion is pure LOVE?


      2. Mystic says:

        Hello Margaret 🙂 I absolutely agree that behind the illusion is pure Love. Have I achieved “non-duality”?  I dunno.  I exist in duality, it is simply so in our current gravitational pull and the choice is to polarize oneself to one direction or the other.  Positive – service to others path or Negative – service to self path.  However to deny one’s own “shadow” side is a mistake.  We need the shadow side to provide balance…all in balance.  So to me in order to achieve a state of non-duality is to accept the shadow side along with the Light side, integrating both for the soul’s growth.

        As far as experiencing…I can only say that I have had an experience being in a “place” of no paradoxes.  And that was an interesting feeling indeed.

        Peace in Love and Light


  5. Zenith says:

    Loved this little personal post you dedicated to your grandsons. Would love to read more of your gems you have tucked away. Thanks for the mention also,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mystic says:

      I found this in my Spam, Z! I’m getting busy, in a good way, thanks so much for the nudge. ❤️


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