2017 – 2019 Orb Activity

In the year 2017 my smart phone that has up to now taken all of the orb videos will no longer hold a charge. I don’t know how many months of videos are still held in the memory. This would mark a period where I would rely much more on my eyes and on what I was feeling as far as energy. Although disappointed, I by now, was convinced that this energy was always present whether it showed up on the camera or not. What I could begin to see with my own eyes now was small objects zipping past, small twinkling lights and also little shadow gnomes would peek at me from around furniture but these things did not show up on video.

This is the last 2017 Android video that I was able to download, the remaining so many are still on the memory card waiting for a way to get them off.
The iPhone does not get as much color. Much more can be seen by setting this video at .5 speed.
2018 faint but large white orbs around the dog,

The 4 images above I just noticed while searching for photos for this post. I hit a burst of images. Just above the lamp and to the left is a blue orb or orbs.

In December of 2018 I would lose my big sister, Linda, she was just 58. She was aware of the activity and had seen some of my videos. At the time we still did not know what they were other than “other worldly”. I saw orbs with my naked eye, like those in the videos, was when I was visiting a month before she passed away. Her bedroom was full of them.

After she passed the signs and wonders began coming quickly. Between her and her husband they had the nick names Little (that was her) and Big (that was him). My brother in law sent me the above picture he took after a very hard day of missing her; he decided he’d turn on the t.v. and that is the first thing that came on the screen. The picture is dated January 23, which is her birthday. Three days earlier I was taking pictures of either a lunar eclipse or blood moon…the last picture looks like an angel.

You can hear a very large fan going in the background. Is this dust? Orbs? Or both?

Let’s talk about dust. Yes dust shows up sometimes and here are two good examples. There are also energy orbs among the dust. The first video you can see that air is moving…it is possible these fast moving forms are dust but usually dust has a cloudy haze. The below video appears to have an orb at the very beginning followed by a cloud of dust. This was taken in an underground tunnel.

Underground Tunnels, Portland Oregon 2019

Please comment, share and subscribe below. Namaste, sonia

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  1. TheZenith says:

    amazing to see this. Still stunning even after watching some of your other videos. Very poignant the image of yor sister and the signs showing up after….


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