Chapter 2: Information, Awareness & Healing in Christ

“Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding.Jeremiah 3:15 Source: Nothing to Fear Except a Lack of Knowledge *Note to reader: bolded in green are my links to sources, just hover over the bolded text. In this chapter I will walk through some theContinue reading “Chapter 2: Information, Awareness & Healing in Christ”

Chapter 1: The Public Health Bullhorn & Viral Lies

Introduction I have delayed this post many months due to wanting just a wee bit more information to make it into the mainstream before posting.  Partly in order to source my work but also because my information might make more sense once more truth surfaces.  It appears that is happening on a very large scaleContinue reading “Chapter 1: The Public Health Bullhorn & Viral Lies”

God Let Them Know

God will take his arms and comfort them, let them know you are there He will take His hands and wipe  away their tears, let them know you care. He will take His love and hold them tight, let them feel you there. He will take each day they feel  their loss and make feelContinue reading “God Let Them Know”

They Called Her Chicken Little

“Chicken Little, Chicken Little why do you scream? You’ve woken the whole household  From it’s very peaceful dream!” Says a tiny voice just so.. “Because something is coming, something is coming The sky is falling” – I say, “it’s falling like snow” “Chicken Little, Chicken Little why we can see the sky Why it’s rightContinue reading “They Called Her Chicken Little”

2017 – 2019 Orb Activity

In the year 2017 my smart phone that has up to now taken all of the orb videos will no longer hold a charge. I don’t know how many months of videos are still held in the memory. This would mark a period where I would rely much more on my eyes and on whatContinue reading “2017 – 2019 Orb Activity”

2016 Orb Activity

By now I am meditating regularly, if not daily. Having been identified by my Shaman as a Nightwalker; someone whose auric field has a portal in which earthbound souls are often drawn to. I do regular clearings and dialog with earthbound to move them into the light. Orb activity continues and I begin to formContinue reading “2016 Orb Activity”

2015 Orb Activity

I am the operator of the camera (smart phone) for all of these videos. Most are taken when I am alone although I do captures orbs at other locations and around other people as well. Please comment, share and subscribe below. Namaste, sonia

2014 Orb Activity

The next several posts will be primarily just videos with some comments. Having nearly 1000 items in my “Orbs Folder” I have chosen some of my favorites and organized them by year. For the back story you will want to read Parts 1 – 4. Orb activity around me was first witnessed at age 4Continue reading “2014 Orb Activity”

Part 3 Contact: Angels, ETs, Spirits, etc

“Look within. There you will find the answer to every problem. You cannot ask a question that you cannot answer within your own self, if or when you attune yourself to the infinite.” Edgar cayce reading 4083-1 Popular television would have us believe that these light formations are indicative of ghosts only.  A great dealContinue reading “Part 3 Contact: Angels, ETs, Spirits, etc”

Part 2 Contact: Helpful and Not so Helpful Beings

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.” (Psalm 91:11-12 KJV) At the time of the events retold in Contact Part 1 I had no context in my 4 year oldContinue reading “Part 2 Contact: Helpful and Not so Helpful Beings”

Part 1 Contact: Visitors from Other Worlds

The following experience is written from two perspectives.  First is an enduring memory I have from age four. The second is from from an astral perspective or disassociated view and a memory more recently surfaced.  The italicized portion is memory that has come back over the years and most specifically this past year plus (2020-21). Continue reading “Part 1 Contact: Visitors from Other Worlds”

I Am Where I Came From

by Margaret Where did I come from? I have always been here. I will always be here. I am an integral part of creation that has been violently torn from, trust out, or even kidnapped from the womb that is all Creation. Everyone’s experience is different. Many see it as gentle and even loving. I rememberContinue reading “I Am Where I Came From”