2017 – 2019 Orb Activity

In the year 2017 my smart phone that has up to now taken all of the orb videos will no longer hold a charge. I don’t know how many months of videos are still held in the memory. This would mark a period where I would rely much more on my eyes and on what I was feeling as far as energy. Although disappointed, I by now, was convinced that this energy was always present whether it showed up on the camera or not. What I could begin to see with my own eyes now was small objects zipping past, small twinkling lights and also little shadow gnomes would peek at me from around furniture but these things did not show up on video.

This is the last 2017 Android video that I was able to download, the remaining so many are still on the memory card waiting for a way to get them off.
The iPhone does not get as much color. Much more can be seen by setting this video at .5 speed.
2018 faint but large white orbs around the dog,

The 4 images above I just noticed while searching for photos for this post. I hit a burst of images. Just above the lamp and to the left is a blue orb or orbs.

In December of 2018 I would lose my big sister, Linda, she was just 58. She was aware of the activity and had seen some of my videos. At the time we still did not know what they were other than “other worldly”. I saw orbs with my naked eye, like those in the videos, was when I was visiting a month before she passed away. Her bedroom was full of them.

After she passed the signs and wonders began coming quickly. Between her and her husband they had the nick names Little (that was her) and Big (that was him). My brother in law sent me the above picture he took after a very hard day of missing her; he decided he’d turn on the t.v. and that is the first thing that came on the screen. The picture is dated January 23, which is her birthday. Three days earlier I was taking pictures of either a lunar eclipse or blood moon…the last picture looks like an angel.

You can hear a very large fan going in the background. Is this dust? Orbs? Or both?

Let’s talk about dust. Yes dust shows up sometimes and here are two good examples. There are also energy orbs among the dust. The first video you can see that air is moving…it is possible these fast moving forms are dust but usually dust has a cloudy haze. The below video appears to have an orb at the very beginning followed by a cloud of dust. This was taken in an underground tunnel.

Underground Tunnels, Portland Oregon 2019

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2015 Orb Activity

I am the operator of the camera (smart phone) for all of these videos. Most are taken when I am alone although I do captures orbs at other locations and around other people as well.

We are now in 2015 and I am spiritually triggered by this activity. I’ve been trying to research orbs and find myself reading The Law of One: The Ra Material.
Often the background would be blurry but the orbs themselves would show up in focus.
Fair Enough! This is probably steam from the bath, right?
This is immediately after the first, bath is still very hot but the camera is not picking up all the steam? Is it steam at the 3 second mark?
I am viewing shows on Gaia like Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings. I am reading The Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey, The Law of One (still), Edgar Cayce readings and biographies. Activity continues with a rainbow double orb and a violet winged energy.
By this time I have learned to dialog with and clear earthbound energies. I am beginning to get better at meditation. They move with purpose and direction and playful.
A flurry of activity. I believe that there are so many as they are reflecting not just earthbound souls that may be present but my own soul fragments as well.
They are not just in my home. This is on a visit to family in Colorado.

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2014 Orb Activity

The next several posts will be primarily just videos with some comments. Having nearly 1000 items in my “Orbs Folder” I have chosen some of my favorites and organized them by year. For the back story you will want to read Parts 1 – 4.

Orb activity around me was first witnessed at age 4 when I saw them with my own eyes. Then beginning in 2014 I was gifted with the opportunity to see them in action again but first it would be through the view finder of a digital video camera on my smart phone. All videos are muted as it is pretty much just me ooohhing and aahhhing and saying thank you.

The first orb captured by my smart phone camera.

For most years I was confused as to whether or not these orbs indicated something “good” or “evil”. Over these many years I’ve researched and viewed dozens of authors or “experts” on the subject. However the most concise definition came from an Angelic source called ASiEL. I was gifted by a talented instrument who channeled ASiEL and who then confirms for the following:

“When it comes to Orbs, there is not one answer as they can represent different aspects of Source however, they are representatives of the interdimensional realm. 

When we see Orbs this is the evidence of our alignment to more refined frequency.  There really is not a “negative” or “positive” orb as they reside in a realm of neutrality , they “meet” us where we are vibrationally.” 

personal email dated 2/21/2022 2:10 PM, tHE synchronicity of the numbers is no mistake.
This was caught on camera after returning home from a session with my Shamanic Practitioner.
The cat is always more absorbed with the activity while the dog (notice his ears) not so much. I don’t believe this reflects “negative” energies so much as perhaps my own emotions.
I can’t get over that there is a bearded face in the towel. Is it that these are actually water vapor? I have considered it.

In coming to understand the orb energy I have learned that it is me that is controller of what energies come through. We all have invisible energy around us and depending on our “inner world” may determine what energy surrounds oneself and whether that energy is “helpful” or “not so helpful”. I have videos from 2014 through today; what has changed in that time is me. As I do my inner work my traumas are processed, my emotions manageable or simply changed from a negative to a neutral or positive emotion. Daily and consistently throughout my day I will create and maintain sacred space, call in protections, have time for prayer and contemplation and meditate, meditate, meditate. It has taken all of this time to learn and I am certain the lessons are not over. ASiEL concludes their message:

Since you set a clear intention before, and the Orb appears to be white, we would attribute that specific orb to the White Ray of purity. 

This is the Ray of purification , supports us in the cleansing away of old energies and helps us connect to our Original Source self. Although the Ray is white, it works with our root chakra to prepare us for Aquarian perspective, a shift into unity consciousness. 

You can call on that specific Orb at any time, since it already visited you, it’s letting you know it is available to work with you should you choose to do so again. 😊

Two of the over seers of White Ray are Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope. 

personal email dated 2/21/2022 2:10 PM, tHE synchronicity of the numbers is no mistake.

In 2020 I had learned the name Shongu. That is the name I use to call on the Orb energy that then visits me. This was a very special confirmation of what I had been thinking and feeling for a very long time.

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Part 4 Contact: Experiencers

“Many in the earthly scientific communities believe that the life is limited to the physical expression and that consciousness is a result of the body’s bio-chemical/nuero electrical functions.  Following these erroneous beliefs they draw an equally erroneous conclusion that consciousness ends at death”.

Voyagers Vol 2: The Secrets of Amenti 38-39

In trying to understand my experience in Part 1 I had to really immerse myself in the memory, or what I remembered at the time. I would set the intention to travel into the memory itself to discover what was happening just before I woke up.  What I came to discover was that there was something present in the room prior to my opening my eyes and seeing this object floating up ward and across my room. Further meditations, especially these past 2 years, would bring it all into greater focus and detail while also creating more questions “Has this happened to others?” Today there are many experiencers of contact or abduction by both helpful and not so helpful ETs.  Many of these same experiencers or witnesses are also whistleblowers, some from government projects, some from corporations, that are disclosing information long withheld from the public. It is because they have shared their stories that I am able to pick up the pieces of my own.

Before the smart phone I had a little digital camera, the Indian on the table is a symbol of one of my guides. Notice the orb just above the dolls head.

My story isn’t what I’d call a “BIG” story but that is not a reflection of the value of my experience (s) for this lifetime or for my eternal soul. It is a story that could easily have been forgotten in the haze of material world dogma and doubt and the value of the experience lost forever. 

Corey Goode is the first experiencer or witness/whistleblower I discovered that was discussing orbs. His experience is with blue orbs. These blue orbs would come into his home carrying a crew of Blue Avians, which are very “helpful” ETs and possibly part of Corey’s soul group.  He too has traveled inside of these orbs to the moon and Mars and beyond.  Corey came forward in 2014 after his memories of being in the Secret Space Program fully surfaced.  

Corey at age 6 was placed into the MILAB program.  A government program that identifies and then recruits and trains children that exhibit special abilities.  Corey was identified as an intuitive empath.  Following that training he was then abducted into the Secret Space Program for the purpose of using his skills as an empath.  He was abducted 3 times over the course of his childhood and teens and served 20 years tours each time.  Corey’s claims were that we, here on Earth, within our governments and corporations have the technology to age regress, do time travel, fly all over the solar system and that there are many beings that populate our Earth, our solar system and our Universe. 

Corey explains that the blue spheres or orbs he encounters are actually a part of the Sphere Being Alliance which is a group of these higher density Blue Avian beings. They are here to assist us as our planet and it’s beings go through a shift in consciousness from 3rd density into 4th density (some call 5D).

“The Sphere-Being Alliance is fighting the current controlling elite known as the Cabal or Illuminati who exist on Earth at this very moment. There are events and battles occurring above our atmosphere involving the Secret Space Programs and Break Away Civilizations. The people of Earth have been in debt slavery, mind controlled, sickened, and lied to in order to control the masses. We have had technologies suppressed from us that would change our lives. The Alliance is here to help humanity evolve out of this lower frequency. It’s time to know our rights, who we truly are, and what we need to do about it. These technologies would immediately collapse the world economies and make the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System of no use anymore. It means the Loss of Control of the .01% (Elite) over the Masses and a complete Paradigm Change.”

Many of the orbs that visit me are blue. I do not believe or do not remember if I’ve been taken for a ride.

Although I will refer back to Cory again and again in future posts I can not do his story justice; please visit his website CoreyGoode.com from there you will find the many ways that Corey has found to share his incredible story with all of us.  Corey’s Blue Avians, like those of Ra and possibly of the same social memory complex or belonging to the same federation, have a message:

Every day focus on becoming more “Service to Others” oriented.  Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising you Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.)

Corey with Blue Avian, Ra Tier Air and a Golden Triangle Head being before the Super Federation. (photo from Google images free usage)

I have remained a fan of Corey Goode for these 7+ years but to be honest for most of that time, although I believed his story, I didn’t see how his orbs related to my experience. That would come later. It seems that Guidance would always have me do my due diligence in research (read, read, read) which in turn builds my confidence in those things I’ve intuited. And then come the signs and wonders (synchronicities) which provides validation from beyond the veil.  Seven years plus, 10 – 20 authors and their books, lectures, series, webinars on the esoteric, mysticism, ufology, shamanism, theology and more and then finally  “helpful” ones have Kathleen Marden and I cross paths in early 2022.

Kathleen is an author, experiencer, UFO investigator and an advocate for experiencers, as well as, the niece of Betty and Barney Hill who were abducted and taken aboard craft September 1961. The Betty and Barney story is famous as being the first publicized ET abduction case.  My contact experience happened in 1965 which is also the year that the Betty and Barney Hill story would first be publicized.  It is reasonable to see why the adults might think that I had heard that story and was repeating it for attention. Betty and Barney would make the news throughout my childhood and would be used against my memory anytime I brought up my experience.  My insistence that something did happen earned me the nickname “Chicken Little”.

Betty and Barney Hill, 1965 when the story hit the press. (Photo from Google Images free usage)

That I had given in to the early childhood “programming” through negative comparison to their story became obvious in that I avoided any connection to that story in my own research.  Although I realize no one person can validate my personal experience one can gain a great deal when looking at common traits among different experiencers.

Kathleen, herself, has had the attention of ET groups her whole life. They show concern with her health and toxins that she was exposed to over her lifetime.  She grew up near a highly toxic Super Fund site, as well as, being near nuclear facilities.  Kathleen says that the ETs have such a high interest in part due to the toxicity of the Earth  and she too confirms presence of benevolent ETs powering down our nuclear plants. In her recently published Forbidden Knowledge I was able to make many comparisons with things that happened in my own experience.

Kathleen Marden, author, researcher, experiencer and niece of Betty and Barney Hill.

Kathleen along with 3 close colleagues formed a research/meditation circle in which the members of the Council of Eight were channeled by one or more of the members. The Council of Eight is a collective of 8 individuated souls/beings/energies of other higher densities and dimensions who seek to serve the highest good and have been in contact with at least one member (Kevin Briggs) since his childhood.  All four members have experiences with orbs, as well as contact and abduction. 

It was 2014 when I became interested in channeled works.  First with the Law of One series channeled between 1981 and 1984. Later my studies would include The Seth Material, the work of Edgar Cayce, David Wilcock, Carla Ruckert, Barbara Brodsky, L/L Research’s database and today I also include the work of Kathleen and her colleagues (the Council of Four) in their Q&As with the Council of Eight found in the second half of the book. Although considered “pseudo-science” to many, it is high validation in my personal world.  Yet I too will seek out as much hard science as possible to back up that which is passed along via a channel.

On the subject of telepathy, Ort who is of a higher density and one of the members of the Council of Eight describes how they use it, “We use consciousness itself as the conduit for telepathic communication.  And the telepathic language is changed into the language of the person who is asking the questions or communicating, so it is understood.” (160).  This is an important point.  In telepathy the communicators are accessing each other’s knowledge base, by increasing your knowledge in any particular area will give your Guides more data, so to speak, to work with.  This is also a reason that I read extensively on subjects of interest.

A blue orb flies from the bookcase across the room.

On orbs, Ort explains that they are “conscious energy” and consciousness or thought can travel in this manner.  Ort gives a description of itself in encounters with one of the human members as a child, Kevin Briggs, as being an orange, vibrating orb.  Around 2011 I had an encounter myself with an orange/gold orb gryrating and moving about near my feet. 

Are we using this conscious energy as children when we fly about the room or have the sensation of falling back into bed?  Of course we are.  David Wilcock, in his famously long winded way, provides a great deal of the “science” behind orbs through the work of scientist Ken Shoulders and others.  Exotic Vacuum Objects is the term coined by Shoulders whose experiments proved that orbs can be created, directed and can provide levitation, and are the basis of free energy.  Wilcock’s recent webinar has many parallels to that stated by the Council of Eight regarding orbs and propulsion.

Ort also provides this warning: 

“Unfortunately, this force can be used negatively for controlling people, controlling species, controlling planets.  There is good and evil in everything” (160).

This bunch of orbs appear to be coming out of the towel itself. You can hear the shower water running. Are these condensation or spirit orbs? If you look closely you can see an image of a bearded face.

How do I know that what those of Shongu, my Spirit Guides, are “helpful” ones?  Read on…

It was a couple of days after receiving the Shamanic blessing (early April) when I became very ill but not with COVID symptoms.  Mine were neurological pain, nerve sensitivity – especially my feet, I was unable to walk many days and other days I  just had to move very slowly, I was having some increased GI tract issues, decreased appetite but was still eating, a lot. I had strange bruises on my legs and my legs had a kind of transparent look to them, and I was not sleeping.  I did not have a cold, nor sniffles nor sore throat nor trouble breathing then or since.  In late May though I lost 20 lbs in a two week period, I would end up losing a total of 50 lbs by September.

My psychic abilities seemed to have also taken a leap at this time. I was having an increase in visual activity, seeing more spirits or beings around every corner, seeing orbs, mists and twinkling lights without the use of a camera..  Everything from muscle testing to sensing EMF energy was heightened.  I was able to put myself easily into a lucid dream state and visit my Guides regularly. My mediations went very deep and I was able to achieve and hold visualization for the duration and synchronicities began appearing many times a day.  The messages I was getting from Shongu were to connect my current situation with my early childhood memories.

In early June a book comes across my social media feed titled Plague by Judy A Mikovitz, Ph.D, on the possible source of chronic fatigue, autism and other conditions.  By the time I reached page 50 this work would link the mono virus or Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) to the cancer that took my sister’s life at age 58, it also has potential links with many other chronic conditions.  I knew of EBV as decades earlier I was diagnosed with restless legs which used to be called Epstein Barr Syndrome, however I did not know it was the mono virus reactivated nor that it would result in death if not treated. I would also discover that I likely had mono when I was born or shortly thereafter. This is one of the things I believe Shongu wanted me to discover.  

I would finally reach out to my Primary Care (PCP) and through tele health appointments blood work was ordered.  I asked for and received an EBV test.  I did not tell that my suspicion that my symptoms could be connected to this latent virus.  The test returned positive and with antibody numbers abnormally out of range; which is one of the indicators noted in Judy’s book.  Four more tests would conclude Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus.  A CT scan would reveal a mass on my pancreas that has turned out to be two small pancreatic tumors. 

This is a copy of 4 of the EBV tests done in 2020/21. All 4 show abnormal antibody numbers which diagnoses as Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus.

While the only cure for this “rare” condition is a stem cell transplant there are remedies that can extend your life and help the symptoms. It was clear from  reading medical journals, naturopathic articles and articles from other Drs and scientists…that what I needed was an anti-viral and to boost my immune system.   While my primary care physician would not treat me I was able to see a naturopath who did provide me with an herbal antiviral tincture.  I would later be able to obtain both HCQ and Ivermectin which I continue to take today as those with CAEBV are more prone to COVID illness. The worst of my symptoms from 2020 are gone and I am maintaining a healthy weight.  I still have the fibromyalgia and nerve ending issues but with far less pain and recurrence. 

This flurry of activity is caught on camera at my mother’s home.

In March 2022 I would find that there had been research studies done on the common health conditions found in those who experienced abduction.  An earlier research study by MUFON states: 

“…that a high percentage of abduction experiencers suffer from Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, sometimes called Chronic or Reactivating Mononucleosis”

And the Marden-Stoner Study adds:

“38% of the participants in our study have a CFIDS or RM [reactivating mono] diagnosis, whereas less than 1% of the US population has this diagnosis. This is a highly significant finding. Reports of such a high rate of CFIDS among abduction experiencers should be taken seriously by the medical community. One has to wonder if the alien environment is causing illness among humans. Are the ET’s experiments passing this syndrome to experiencers? Could it be caused by the alien technology that allows the transfer of a human body through a solid structure? Is it an adrenal response caused by one’s persistent fear of abduction? Is it the result of a sleep disorder? Is it a retrovirus created by ETs?”

The Marden-Stoner Study p 9

We do not have final answers to the above questions. However, I have every reason to believe and nothing to contradict that I was Divinely led by my soul group through the many books, studies, journals, articles, lectures, webinars, social media and validations through prayer, meditation, muscle testing and the ever awesome “signs and wonders”. I can safely say that I was led to information that vastly improved my health and may have saved my life.

Future posts will dig more deeply into the “secrets and cover ups” and “genetic experiments” related to ET contact. In a following post I will write about some of the signs, wonders and synchronicities I’ve received that validate for me that I am on my path. Keep coming back…

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Part 2 Contact: Helpful and Not so Helpful Beings

© 2021, sonia

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.”

(Psalm 91:11-12 KJV)

At the time of the events retold in Contact Part 1 I had no context in my 4 year old mind as to what I witnessed.  A large part of the event, specifically the Grey beings present, in the house, having been forgotten or wiped from my memory very early.  My insistence, that “something” did happen and that someone showed me wavy ribbons of light, and then it all disappeared; was naturally met with skepticism. Today I feel I do have answers which connect my early childhood memories to my current experiences with these orbs or what is also known as  Exotic Vacuum Objects (EVOs) or Consciousness Units (CUs).  I am speaking here of the “helpful” beings and energies that are ever present and travel via these balls of lightening.

The orbs, CU’s or EVO’s are intelligent, infinite and have intention and purpose, as well as, being able to materialize into our current realm as, among other things, craft which are carrying crew. This is not to say that all orbs are benign which is a topic for a later post. It is always advised that one tune and prepare, clear and set sacred space before meditating especially if you wish communication with the energies around you. Set your intention to serve only the Highest Good. Keep a relationship with Creator in the way which resonates with you and keep love in your heart. I am a flawed child of God so in my imperfections I do practice this regularly.

Below are images taken on 3/10/22 and are my first outdoor sighting that I manage to get on camera. I had been asking in meditation and prayer for a sign outdoors as most of my images are indoors. This showed in the sky.

My collection of images accumulated as my experiences have increased and I began to recognize something familiar in the way that the orbs moved.  A good friend helped me with this in referring to the film Donnie Darko, she says “it’s not that you see them moving through space but you are seeing them use the space to move through” in describing their intelligent consciousness.  It is in that deliberate use of space that we see purpose.  It is in how the orbs glide across the room that I finally recognized that as the same as the movement of the spider I saw at age 4.

From 2015, my cat validated very early on that these are not dust. Adjusting the speed you can see how the orbs use the space to move through.

Today I believe the experience in Contact Part 1 to have elements of both good and bad but will use the term “helpful” and “not so helpful” in describing beings, entities or energies not of human origin either on or inside this planet or within other planets and densities.  What I believe happened was the Grey beings had already been there when the orb arrived into my room. That I heard “don’t open your eyes or you’ll see something scary” is coming from those Greys. It is called a thought form or holographic insert and it is basically a manipulated suggestion. That suggestion caused me see it as a Grand Daddy Long Legs spider, instead of the beautiful light being it was. I was certainly awakened or waking and the Greys leave as the orb floats through the rooms. My experience did end up a “helpful” one.

This blog essentially is the process of my trying to piece these experiences into context so it is evolving and it is of course only my perspective which is fed by my own personal distortions.  It would only be natural for some to have other opinions and I welcome any healthy conversation on the topic.  

Two things began to happen in my later years; in my personal life I was beginning to work more directly on overcoming my life traumas, hidden shames and hardships.  I was intentionally seeking spiritual answers as well as practical answers to life’s big question “why are we here?”.  As a client of energy work, acupuncture and Shamanism, as well as, traditional talk therapy I was also opening myself up energetically.  The orbs, among other paranormal activity, start appearing in greater frequency right about 2010 first on digital camera and later on two different phone video cameras.  In the Shamanic practice however I did have access to and was trained in muscle testing or applied kinesiology.

Querying what these orbs were with my Shamanic practitioner the muscle testing answers would consistently be “Yes” to positive or neutral statements and “No” to negative or even evil.. It would take much inner work, study and meditation to understand at long last that these are pure consciousness. When I refer to my inner work I do take responsibility that I am still a work in progress. As this is getting long let’s begin a look at the research:

It’s the second decade of the 21st century where I begin to notice disclosure of once tightly held information regarding UFO’s begin to drip out and become exposed to larger populations.  At the end of 2020 a COVID-19 relief package was approved and had the requirement that certain intelligence agencies reveal all they know about UFO’s.  While that disclosure has produced compelling documentation those files are in pieces and drabs, must be read and dots connected.  It is far from what many of us had hoped would be “full disclosure”.

“And he rode upon a cherub, and did fly: and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.”

2 Samuel 22:11

Considering Angels are mentioned over 200 times in the Bible I am amazed at how few people actually believe in them or only speak of the fallen Angels.  Angels act as liaisons between man in form and the spirit world, specifically to our Creator.  Angels are spirits with no physical form but can manifest into form in our physical world as described in Luke 1:11

That Angels are sent into this world to assist man is paramount.  Ezekial’s Wheel for example is a craft that comes from the skies. The Book of the Secrets of Enoch, while not part of our Holy Bible is very much one of the books of the Bible. Enoch’s travels into the 7 Heavens among the Angels shows us there are more levels or densities to our soul’s evolution than just here on 3D Earth. They are NOT our Gods, they are our Guides.

“My God hath sent his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him innocency was found in me; and also before thee, O king, have I done no hurt.” Daniel 6:22 KJV

Image of Daniel in the Lion’s Cave and Angelic

“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone” Psalm 91:11-12

The information I was exposed to via cable television would have me believe that this was only ghostly activity or dead people or dust. I would come to find, in time, that these orbs are many, many things both separately and at the same time. 

Of course as time has passed my knowledge of Other Worlds or realms grows and my faith in a God/Source/Creator, a Christ Consciousness and a Jesus the Christ and Higher Density Beings whose purpose is to be helpful is now pretty solid. I can also see how it is our collective consciousness that manifests the lower realm entities and feeds it with “loosh (the energy that is generated from fear)”. I do not get answers so much as I get led to find the answers through what I read and whom I meet along the way. I have faith and confidence in the messages and synchronicities I receive.

Due to the enormity of information this will be broken down into parts. Stand by for Part 3 as we will explore more of the research and writing around UFO’s, ETs, Angels and Spirits, channeling and what they say about these orbs or light anomalies, the reasons why we may be seeing so much activity today, and why so many are receiving this type of spirit communication.