2014 Orb Activity

The next several posts will be primarily just videos with some comments. Having nearly 1000 items in my “Orbs Folder” I have chosen some of my favorites and organized them by year. For the back story you will want to read Parts 1 – 4.

Orb activity around me was first witnessed at age 4 when I saw them with my own eyes. Then beginning in 2014 I was gifted with the opportunity to see them in action again but first it would be through the view finder of a digital video camera on my smart phone. All videos are muted as it is pretty much just me ooohhing and aahhhing and saying thank you.

The first orb captured by my smart phone camera.

For most years I was confused as to whether or not these orbs indicated something “good” or “evil”. Over these many years I’ve researched and viewed dozens of authors or “experts” on the subject. However the most concise definition came from an Angelic source called ASiEL. I was gifted by a talented instrument who channeled ASiEL and who then confirms for the following:

“When it comes to Orbs, there is not one answer as they can represent different aspects of Source however, they are representatives of the interdimensional realm. 

When we see Orbs this is the evidence of our alignment to more refined frequency.  There really is not a “negative” or “positive” orb as they reside in a realm of neutrality , they “meet” us where we are vibrationally.” 

personal email dated 2/21/2022 2:10 PM, tHE synchronicity of the numbers is no mistake.
This was caught on camera after returning home from a session with my Shamanic Practitioner.
The cat is always more absorbed with the activity while the dog (notice his ears) not so much. I don’t believe this reflects “negative” energies so much as perhaps my own emotions.
I can’t get over that there is a bearded face in the towel. Is it that these are actually water vapor? I have considered it.

In coming to understand the orb energy I have learned that it is me that is controller of what energies come through. We all have invisible energy around us and depending on our “inner world” may determine what energy surrounds oneself and whether that energy is “helpful” or “not so helpful”. I have videos from 2014 through today; what has changed in that time is me. As I do my inner work my traumas are processed, my emotions manageable or simply changed from a negative to a neutral or positive emotion. Daily and consistently throughout my day I will create and maintain sacred space, call in protections, have time for prayer and contemplation and meditate, meditate, meditate. It has taken all of this time to learn and I am certain the lessons are not over. ASiEL concludes their message:

Since you set a clear intention before, and the Orb appears to be white, we would attribute that specific orb to the White Ray of purity. 

This is the Ray of purification , supports us in the cleansing away of old energies and helps us connect to our Original Source self. Although the Ray is white, it works with our root chakra to prepare us for Aquarian perspective, a shift into unity consciousness. 

You can call on that specific Orb at any time, since it already visited you, it’s letting you know it is available to work with you should you choose to do so again. 😊

Two of the over seers of White Ray are Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Hope. 

personal email dated 2/21/2022 2:10 PM, tHE synchronicity of the numbers is no mistake.

In 2020 I had learned the name Shongu. That is the name I use to call on the Orb energy that then visits me. This was a very special confirmation of what I had been thinking and feeling for a very long time.

Please comment, share, subscribe below. Namaste, sonia

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  1. TheZenith says:

    Brilliant post with really detailed explanation of what these Orbs are..♥️

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