2015 Orb Activity

I am the operator of the camera (smart phone) for all of these videos. Most are taken when I am alone although I do captures orbs at other locations and around other people as well.

We are now in 2015 and I am spiritually triggered by this activity. I’ve been trying to research orbs and find myself reading The Law of One: The Ra Material.
Often the background would be blurry but the orbs themselves would show up in focus.
Fair Enough! This is probably steam from the bath, right?
This is immediately after the first, bath is still very hot but the camera is not picking up all the steam? Is it steam at the 3 second mark?
I am viewing shows on Gaia like Cosmic Disclosure, Wisdom Teachings. I am reading The Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey, The Law of One (still), Edgar Cayce readings and biographies. Activity continues with a rainbow double orb and a violet winged energy.
By this time I have learned to dialog with and clear earthbound energies. I am beginning to get better at meditation. They move with purpose and direction and playful.
A flurry of activity. I believe that there are so many as they are reflecting not just earthbound souls that may be present but my own soul fragments as well.
They are not just in my home. This is on a visit to family in Colorado.

Please comment, share and subscribe below. Namaste, sonia

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  1. TheZenith says:

    Just crazy the amount of activity in these videos. Does look like steam in the bath videos, but the hue is very strange… The video just after the bath videos is jaw dropping!!!


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