Chapter 1: The Public Health Bullhorn & Viral Lies


I have delayed this post many months due to wanting just a wee bit more information to make it into the mainstream before posting.  Partly in order to source my work but also because my information might make more sense once more truth surfaces.  It appears that is happening on a very large scale now.

This is the story of how I discovered my own potentially deadly and rare health condition and how to begin healing from it. This is the information I feel I was led to angelically, spiritually, intuitively specifically through my experiences in 2020. While I source as much material fact as possible this is also a story of spiritual connection.  Spiritual experiences require intuition, faith and discernment which are difficult to measure in our material world.  That said, this is my experience as viewed through my own distortions/perceptions and substantiated by my personal research.  I am not trying to convince rather to reveal through the telling of my experience.

It was the spring of 2020, when a connection with what I describe as all my spirit guides speaking as one energy, began occurring during my personal shamanic work, ceremonies, and meditations. Acknowledging a health concern. At this time I had begun losing weight and was having stomach issues but did not yet know of the tumors on my pancreas.

I had a test result that summer of 2020 indicating I have a rare condition called Chronic Active Epstein Barr Virus (CAEBV). This condition of the EBV virus have been linked to the type of cancer that took my sister’s life in 2018, multiple myeloma. EBV is most commonly known as the mono virus, a common childhood virus as 95% of the population is believed to carry these antibodies.  I was also made aware in 2020 that EBV was a causal link to all of my diagnosed, chronic conditions.  Go figure. 

It would be a band of the “helpful ones””, Shongu, my Angelic spirit guides that would inform me that I had a time bomb inside me that was ticking.  Their pledge to me was not to cure me and not to tell me what to use to cure myself but to guide me to the right people, places and things in order to heal myself.  The challenge was my own abilities to critically think and to discern, as well as to not be swayed by the many but to trust the One That Reigns Within And Forever.

It has been a bumpy road ever since.  I did make mistakes, and will continue to do so because as I err I also learn.  For example it was two years before I actually read Anthony William’s Medical Medium book gifted to me in 2020 by a dear friend, more on him in later posts.  

Discernment is a process.  It would be through a great deal of reading and dot connecting that would help me understand my condition. The catalyst to keep searching would be through synchronicities, signs and wonders; it would be the meditations and the prayer; it would be a faith in my intuition and a trust in God/Source/Creator, I have never before achieved, that would provide and serve. It was God alone that gifted me with skills and determination to master the obstacles in my lifetime and it is to the One Infinite Creator which all praise is given.

Today, while I was hoping to say I was completely EBV free and cured, I am not. Nor is the disease progression arrested, yet.  What I can say is that I am far healthier than I have ever been before and I am happy in my beingness due to a healthy eating plan and proper supplementation.  I still have a long way to go in both physical and my soul’s journey in this incarnation and I am certainly not done falling on my face and atoning.  Now though I can move forward with new knowledge that serves and helps heal me.

This topic will have to be broken down into chapters.  What I have learned is layered and complex and I fully intend to go down the many rabbit holes surrounding this topic in future posts.

A Little Historical Context

Throughout the entirety of my life, 61 years, there has been a public health bullhorn broadcasting the dangers in our world to our physical and mental well being and providing us the steps to take to mitigate or remedy said danger.  

That bullhorn is our broadcast media.  When I was born there were books, newspapers, billboards, signage, radio and television in which to entertain, notify and inform the masses. Television news was a trusted source of factual information; such as world and current affairs, the weather, trends etc. It is where people turned to “find out” what was going on in the world.

The top news story of 1964 was the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health which in 1965 led to legislation requiring health warnings on all packs of cigarettes and in 1969 banned advertising through broadcast media

This also left room for the public service announcements warning the dangers of smoking to essentially ‘flood the zone’ and be broadcast to the many. In the 1990’s second hand smoke legislation begins in most states in the country. Today, although there are still smokers, and I can admit to my occasional ones as well, the public health campaign was very successful in modifying peoples personal behavior.

Cigarette smoking among U.S. adults has reached an all-time low of 13.7% in 2018 — a decline of approximately two-thirds in the more than 50 years since the first Surgeon General’s report warned of the health consequences of smoking.

We learned, as a society, from those decades of repeated public service announcements. We became conditioned to believe our health officials love us, they are knowledgeable in ways we “average Joes” are not, they are the authority so we ought listen and obey. Subsequently we were engineered by this conditioning to never question this particular authority.  As those smoking rates declined and the air cleared up around us many considered this a success for physical health and an end to cancers. 

However, in 2020 cancer was the 2nd leading cause of death in the United States, While it is said smoking related lung cancer is down the fact that lung cancer appears in “never smokers” is bewildering. It is also very discouraging to those that quit smoking for decades before contracting what Drs would call smoking related cancer.

More than 84% of women and 90% of men with a new diagnosis of lung cancer had ever smoked, with about half of patients aged 20 to 64 years being current smokers. A higher proportion of never smokers occurred among women with lung cancer compared with men across all age groups, race/ethnicities, and most histologies. Patients with adenocarcinoma had a higher proportion of never smoking, which was consistent with past literature.

Yet it remains the CDC stance is that 1 in 3 cancer deaths are related to smoking. “RELATED” to, not cause of, this becomes an important distinction that I hope to make clearer in future posts.

The New York Times bullhorn carried the very first article on HIV and AIDS in 1981. The later 80’s and into the 90’s the need to inform potential sexual partners of one’s HIV status was a priority for public health officials in stopping the spread.  This is another example of changing individual behavior to prevent or minimize a crisis situation.  Today, HIV has not been eradicated nor cured but it has been found that its progression can be arrested through proper nutrition, supplementation and medication and does not have to lead to AIDS.  AIDS was found to not be caused by HIV alone and is still causing suffering and disease across the world.

However if we listen to Nobel Laureate Luc Montagnier, discoverer of the HIV virus, he states, “We can be exposed to HIV many times without being chronically infected. Our immune system will get rid of the virus in a few weeks if you have a good immune system.” See his You Tube interview here. He goes on to state that HIV “infects” or “gets in and persists” due to oxidative stress and poor nutrition. His remedies are simple; hygiene, nutrition, antioxidants and clearing up other infections for the purpose of slowing or stopping HIV transmission. And these are the same remedies I am to employ in battling my condition.

Little Big Bullhorns

In the 21st century, a PubMed article shows the deadliest viruses are SARS (2002), H1N1 (2009), MERS CoV (2012), Ebola (2013), SARS CoV2 (2019). All of which are having been spotlighted post HIV. There is no doubt that the public health bullhorn is necessary to inform the public of threats to their health but Epstein Barr did not make the list, again.

Epstein Barr Virus has never been a high priority for U.S. public health officials.  It simply was not important to tell people that the antibodies never leave the body and equally unimportant to explain that an abnormal antibody response may signal trouble for the patient, even without initial symptoms.  As far as western medicine is concerned, it is just mono, just the “kissing disease”.

“You can carry the virus in your body for your entire life without ever having symptoms of mono.”

The first big clue that the “helpful ones”, my angelic guides, would lead me to is the work of Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D.  A power house of courage in a tiny body, a woman of deep Christian values and faith, a colleague of Dr. Montagnier and a cancer and HIV researcher.  Judy is a little, big Whistleblower, and a hero to us all. In 2011 she was jailed without charges as retaliation and leverage for not surrendering work product on demand to Anthony Fauci, the head of the NIH and NIAID since 1984. This work product did not belong to Fauci and under the rules of health research it belonged to the Principal Investigator, Frank Ruscetti and Judy was not going to let anyone but her boss have it. That’s integrity.

It was the data and study findings (analysis) that Fauci wanted, why? More on that later. 

Judy had discovered the presence of XRMV, animal retroviruses, in her Chronic Fatigue study patients. She and others believe that it is actually animal retroviruses which are driving or causing chronic diseases. That the XMRV remains in the body even after infection is cured and that depending on the level of stress, trauma, and toxicity that may or may not be in one’s life choices, this can allow the viral load to increase or replicate. This in turn drives inflammation and can trigger other pathogens in the body, essentially causing a storm. Epstein Barr Virus is an XMRV.  This is the best way I can describe it. I am not a scientist nor doctor so if you believe you may also have this condition, consult a trusting professional.

Like most whistleblowers she would lose everything; job, savings, home, career.  Not her loving husband though and Judy is a nice person, so she kept her friends too.  Judy spent 3 years in hiding to write Plague along with her friend and attorney, Kent Heckenlively.  This is what I discovered in the Foreword by Hillary Johnson:

Mikovits would provide highly persuasive evidence for an AIDS-like viral infection existing in close to 70% of patients and 4% of healthy controls.  The virus was called XMRV and had been discovered at the University of California in 2006.  A member of the gammaretrovirus family, XMRV was classified as a murine leukemia virus, one which likely jumped from its natural reservoir – mice – to humans at some juncture in the recent past.  XMRV’S discovery had aroused little fanfare, Mikovits’ data drawing on an association with between the virus and ME, rare immune cancers, and, eventually autism raised a firestorm 3 years later.  If her data were right, then 10 million people in America alone were infected but asymptomatic, with this virus.” In other words, they have it but they don’t know they have it.

Plague, 2014, pg xviii, Foreward by hillary johnson

How many of us are part of that 10 million above? My sister and I, certainly. Judy Mikovits remains a much maligned and censored scientist, she’s a whistleblower; she does not take part in dark deeds but rather exposes them. She is a vessel through which God is manifest. She continues today her unrelenting outspokenness on behalf of those of us suffering from XMRVs and those symptoms to helping those recently injured by the C-19, mandated shots. . She is much loved by hundreds of thousands if not millions around the world and this just since 2020. She has saved lives and I count my own among them.

Interestingly, no one has challenged her science…only her character.  I did not see Judy’s information until we were in a declared Pandemic.  The world was demanding a vaccine for a virus that had not yet been proven to exist and Judy stepped forward to warn people like me.

What was that warning in the Spring and Summer of 2020?  Do not get any more vaccines.  In my most laymen terms the best way to explain this is that anyone that already has an XMRV (active or otherwise) then it’s like already having the flu when it’s time for a flu shot, or having measles when it’s time for the measles shot…we don’t get flu shots when our flu is active.  That was the earliest warning but I would come to learn other reasons for avoiding any new vaccine technology which will be discussed in future posts.

In Summary

The day I discovered this information I was beside myself. I knew I had EBV due to the restless legs. I did not know it was a latent virus that could reactivate in some people and lead to cancer or organ failure, nor that it was the source of all my chronic conditions. I would come to see in my own medical history that we likely were passing mono around my childhood home – an indicator.  Knowing what I know now I see the symptoms, also, in my behavior, and physical health, in those very early years of life.  In my previous posts on Contact I mention that in 2020 my guides were encouraging me to connect occurrences in my early years with what is occurring today.  This is another BIG aspect of that connection.

I realized that if what I was reading was true, then I had been the canary in the coal mine for my family, for my sister’s cancer and likely for my mother’s unusual dementia.  All those years of going to the Dr and complaining of the restless legs, later the chronic moving neuro pain, even later the bizarre and embarrassing  tummy issues…I was always told pretty much the same things:

“We don’t know what is causing your (pain, diarrhea, neurological ticks) issues but let’s try this…(pill)”. OR

“You do have a diagnosis of depression…let’s try antidepressants and see if that helps”. OR and yes this has happened…

“Well you did have a risky lifestyle in the past…” so it’s cigarettes, booze and drugs only.  Quit those 3 and you will be just fine is the suggestion.

Had the conversation been had, ever, that this was due to a common virus and much could be remedied with very simple (albeit not easy) steps in nutrition, supplementation and natural antivirals, more choice would have been given, much suffering avoided. There are reasons, many trillions of reasons why that conversation was never had by Drs. nor ever broadcast via the bullhorn.

From left to right: myself, Dr, Judy, Paula whose gift brought me to this event.

In my lifetime we have been engineered to fear a “deadly” virus, something from outside ourselves, will destroy us. Yet also to believe that every ache and pain suffered is somehow related to a lifestyle choices or personal decisions – that we’ve only ourselves to blame when we are sick and even dying. Now while it is true that it is each individual’s own responsibility for how they care for themselves.  It is also critical that we have the correct information so that we can make the right choices for ourselves.

This ends Chapter 1. 

Do bear with me Dear Readers I am actively proofing, editing, and updating.


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