Chapter 2: Information, Awareness & Healing in Christ

“Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding.
Jeremiah 3:15


Nothing to Fear Except a Lack of Knowledge

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*Note to reader: bolded in green are my links to sources, just hover over the bolded text.

In this chapter I will walk through some the information and experiences beginning in the Spring and Summer of 2020 to today, in seeking information and remedy for my condition.  In 3 years I have gone from pancreatic pre-cancer tumors, extreme flaring of my fibromyalgia, lack of appetite, a triggering of my PTSD, the subsequent depression that follows and information that I could only be cured of my Chronic Epstein Barr with a stem cell transplant and likely would be dead in 10 years.

Today I fully believe I can make it another 40 years in this body. To achieve this I needed first information and then understanding or knowledge around said information, that in turn gave me a greater awareness of my own responsibility in my healing and ultimately getting myself on that road.

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The ways that I was led to this information are, to me, Heaven sent however one chooses to view that.  My perspective on the Heavenly Realms, Jesus the Christ and the Christ Consciousness evolve daily,  as I pray so does my soul.  In a later post I will discuss with greater detail the various signs and wonders that were appearing since about 2009, but took on a more obvious tone in 2020 as I prayed for and asked for Divine  guidance and validation. For the back story on my spiritual experiences please refer to previous posts starting here .

Ultimately my healing is a result of both my spiritual transformation as much as my material world life style changes. One could not have happened without the other.

I do take responsibility for the choices I’ve made in my life and how those choices have affected my health.  Nothing in this blog should be perceived as shirking that responsibility.  I’ve a rich history of poor choices but even owning up to and changing “habits”, “characteristics”, “flaws”, “behaviors” was not the whole picture. 

Knowledge that there could be a root cause to my chronic  muscle and joint pain, my overactive sciatic nerves, my gut issues, my PTSD and depression would also give greater context to those years of poor choices.  Perhaps some of those poor choices were also a symptom of this XMRV infection condition. Regardless, it would take my personal efforts in various areas of my life to get this far and the journey is certainly not over.

Chapter 1 describes our public health bullhorn in which viruses were featured prominently in the U.S. media over the course of the last couple of decades.  These decades of programming attitudes about ‘what is good for us’ or ‘what is bad for us’ has succeeded over the years in changing the behaviors of millions of people.  Quitting smoking, abstaining from risky sexual behavior, fluoride, the food pyramid etc, etc. are all examples of public health campaigns.  All of which were successful.

Enter COVID-19, the public had already been primed now they just needed a trigger.  Fear would be on the menu breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next couple of years.  Fortunately there would be the very many Drs and scientists of renown that had other information and were also continuing with their own research into matters of virology, immunology, biology, chemistry and so on.

Within the first 50 pages the book Plague , mentioned in Contact Part 4, I discover not only a connection to my own chronic illnesses but also my sister’s cancer and my mother’s long term dementia.

Was this the message my “helpful ones” were trying to convey; that my sister was conveying from beyond the veil?  I thought myself crazy at the notion but also I wanted to know for myself.  I wanted to get an EBV test.  As I was having advanced fibromialgia symptoms since about mid April 2020 and had lost 40 lbs rather quickly, I did notify my Primary Care Provider (PCP).

She was concerned about the sudden weight loss, pain in my feet and stomach.  She ordered a CT scan of my abdomen and referred me to a foot/ankle specialist for my sudden onset arthritic pains. She agreed to add the EBV test to my blood panel although I did not mention what I was learning about this particular virus. 

Even though I was confident that I was being led by something benevolent in order to find this information…I had a side of me that wasn’t convinced that I would have what was described as an “abnormal antibody response”.  In fact I only expected a positive or negative result.  What I got was a set of numbers far outside of the acceptable range listed in the test results; the abnormal antibody response was reflected in those numbers. 

As can be seen in the highlighted area, there is a range that the numbers are to fall within.  If you are outside those numbers then you have an abnormal antibody response.  Why else have the range?  Yet not until 2023 and the last test that I took did the online medical system even flag this as abnormal.  Today it does, thankfully. 

I’ve no way to prove it but these test results did not have red exclamation marks next to them in 2020, 2021 nor 2022. Now however all the test results are flagged.

When I did at long last get Infectious Disease Dept to weigh in on these flags obviously said nothing to them as seen in the messages below between myself and my Primary Care Dr.

By Sept 2020 I had an EBV test reflecting the abnormal antibody response, I also had CT results that showed two pre-cancer tumors on my pancreas and the foot/ankle Dr diagnosed me with osteoarthritis in my feet.  He did not have an answer as to why it would show ‘suddenly’ up in both feet to the point of walking with great difficulty. 

The recommendations I received were to wear orthopedic shoes for the arthritis, to have the tumors biopsied and to ignore the EBV results.  When it came to traditional western Drs. they see the EBV test as meaningless and un-related to any of my chronic conditions and these recent tumors.  They would not treat my EBV nor offer more than “shoe” advice for the arthritis.  They did send me to a Gastroenterology specialist for the tumors.  In two years they have not developed cancer to the delight of my GI Doc, the only traditional medical Dr. I trust right now.

I was horrified of what my test results potentially meant long term; yet I was also excited to find a root cause to my chronic illnesses.  This also answered the very big question in relation to my sister’s cancer, “how does a healthy, young 50 something woman develop multiple myeloma;  a cancer found most often in males in their late 70’s onward? Multiple myeloma among other cancers can occur in a body suffering from a replicating spike protein, such as EBV, that goes unchecked.

I lost my sister Linda in December 2018 when she was only 58 years old and I had just turned 57.  But it was within hours of her passing that I began to receive very specific signs and wonders that I can only describe as having “her” signature. [More on those signs in later posts.]  I have no doubt that she has been as very big part of the essence that has been leading me on this journey of mind/body/spirit healing.

This also meant that what I had been suffering from for years was not caused by some character defect or bad habit or wrong choice on my part, although those would come about and would certainly play a role.  Nor was it from any behaviors or the unfortunate genetics of some family curse; which some of my family did feel they suffered from.

In fact, the presence of this viral toxin from an early age explains some of my struggles both physically and mentally.  As a baby I was rather under sized, had sever iron anemia at one point, was often sick with colds and ear aches.  As an infant only my mother and 1 other person could hold me or I’d cry.  I also did. not smile often.  According to my sister even when I did begin to smile it was awkward for me and I do remember feeling awkward.  I also suffered deep depression and suicide ideation from about age 10 and through to my mid 40’s.  

I have suffered traumatic events on top of my mental health predisposition creating long term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I have been treated since the age of 10 by various psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, family care doctors and utilizing a plethora of anti-depressants.  Living was a struggle, as I physically declined I also mentally declined.  Eventually I would be found to be disabled from working and placed on the disability dole.

Once on disability however I did set my intention to start doing the work necessary to improve who I am/was.  It would be energy work and shamanic practices that would open me up to spiritual transformation, inter-dimensional healing, and trigger a return of experiences witnessed as a child.  When the Christ Consciousness came through for me was timed perfectly with the 800 year conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at the end of 2020. I finally made my peace with Jesus the Christ and could see him as my Lord, the Wayshower, the Master Teacher and the one that made the greatest of sacrifices out of His love for us.  I fully believe my healing required a return to Christ.

One continuing message I’d receive by download during 2020 was how important it was for me to connect the dots between my earliest childhood experiences and what is occurring today. I am still connecting those. One of the biggest dots was that I had lost my faith and turned my back on God and Christ as a mere child. My life would reflect that void for decades to come and continue its destructive force until I chose differently. That recognition allowed the energy to shift within and I could gain the knowledge I was being led through in order to help myself, with the help of others.

Doing Research / Gaining Knowledge

The traditional western medicine doctors simply do not learn about these viral toxins. It’s not part of the education protocol for them.. They only knew what they were given to know by someone higher up on the chain of command. COVID very bad must get a vaccine, Epstein Barr with obviously high numbers, nothing to see here.

Traditional medicine was also no help for those who did test positive for COVID-19.  There were no treatment options, no antivirals or vitamin suggestions and the patient had to wait until they were in respiratory distress to receive any care.  Often that was too late. 

They had no answers for people testing positive for COVID and they had no answers for me on the EBV; other than it was once mono. That’s when I realized how much of our care is simply run on pre-determined protocol alone.  Patient says “this” and Dr. does “that” with no thought or analysis behind the decision.  The COVID plandemic made this painfully obvious when science was determined by bureaucrats while actual scientists that disagreed with bureaucrats and Big Pharma were censored. 

Internet searches of medical journal articles were where I began searching for information on test results and also treatments. 

Serological tests for antibodies specific for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) antigens are frequently used to define infection status and for the differential diagnosis of other pathogens responsible for mononucleosis syndrome. Using only three parameters [viral capsid antigen (VCA) IgG, VCA IgM and EBV nuclear antigen (EBNA)-1 IgG],it is normally possible to distinguish acute from past infection: the presence of VCA IgM and VCA IgG without EBNA-1 IgG indicates acute infection, whereas the presence of VCA IgG and EBNA-1 IgG without VCA IgM is typical of past infection. However, serological findings may sometimes be difficult to interpret as VCA IgG can be present without VCA IgM or EBNA-1 IgG in cases of acute or past infection, or all the three parameters may be detected simultaneously in the case of recent infection or during the course of reactivation.

It is the three positives, all in red on my test, that are showing a diagnosis of chronic and reactivating EBV.  It is that high IgG number that is seen in many fibromialgia patients see explanation here.

“Antiviral therapy is usually ineffective; although patients may have a temporary response to rituximab, immunosuppressive therapy, cytotoxic chemotherapy, autologous CTLs, or syngeneic HSCT, these treatments are not curative, and most patients succumb to their disease.”

Once the antibodies stop responding to antiviral treatment it would be only a matter of years before death. The average span being about 10 years and death resulting from a variety of conditions triggered by the EBV, from pneumonia to cancer.  The attached table illustrates.

Jesus was a whistleblower


I began with Dr Judy’s work but there would be many more whistleblowers; doctors, scientists, bio chemists, pharmacists, morticians, nurses, and more that came forward in those days to not only shed light on the truth of COVID-19 but to warn about these new mRna vaccines and to expose a history of public health malfeasance. In two and a half years these heroes took to their own bullhorn and would effectively “flood the zone” with their alternative information backed by scientific data. Unlike what we were receiving from our world leaders via the mainstream media bull horn which was all fear, fear, fear.

In the summer of 2020 I could find very little information on the reactivating Epstein Barr Virus.  As COVID illness spread however more and more of those that were testing positive for COVID were having something called Long Haul COVID.  It was noticed that many of these same patients seemed to have ‘abnormal antibody response’ to EBV.

In the articles I was reading in 2020 the scientists mentioned antivirals as a potential course.  One specific to EBV as it is a herpetic virus is “Acyclovir”.  I also know that our President in 2020 was mentioning Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin. That was followed by even more Doctors and scientists providing evidence of their efficacy in combatting COVID-19 and other “gain of function” viruses. Finding the medication however was another barrier.

Finding Others Like Me

I never had a COVID test in Spring of 2020, my first test would not be until September in order to have a colonoscopy.  It was negative.  However I did join a Telegram group that August called COVID Long Haulers.  There I was able to meet and talk with some people who had tested positive for COVID, had the COVID illness and then later tested positive for reactivated EBV.  I spoke to about 6 different people, one had already tested and his numbers were about 1/2 what mine were.  Two of the folks I spoke with did not have elevated EBV numbers but the other 4 did.  There was a great deal of speculation as to whether COVID caused the reactivating EBV or if what we thought was COVID was really Chronic Active EBV.

I now had the Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal book. I only cracked it enough to see that celery juice was in every detox plan…but I did not read his back story.  I closed the book and went about my research trying to find a way out that didn’t require me to change my diet.

It was March 2021 when I did get a test that showed a dramatic drop in my EBV numbers.  This is credited to the herbal antiviral, a vitamin regimen my body has never had and the hydro therapy and acupuncture.  However by April 2021 we move out of the City to a smaller community about 20 miles away.  I lost my ability to seek treatment from the naturopaths I was seeing.  My new location did not have the same services.  I was on my own again.

Natural Remedy Options

Traditional western medicine does not see EBV as a problem.  On the other hand in the world of naturopaths there is an entirely different view.  It would be here that I’d begin to understand the importance of a healthy diet.

Kasia Kines is a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and specializes in treating Epstein Barr Virus and it’s reactivation.  She has many patients around the world that have had great success following her protocols.  It was through her work I accepted the fact that my eating habits were going to have to change.

The information from Dr. Kines also clued me in on how electro magnetic frequency affects EBV and can aggravate a chronic condition. She has a YouTube channel where she shares much information for free.  Interestingly Kasia Kines is also one who feels she was spiritually led to her work in combatting EBV after the lose of a close friend to cancer.

I believe this is where I took the first steps in combatting my condition.  I stopped using the microwave oven to prepare any food or drink and I moved to a new location that didn’t have 5G towers everywhere.

“Anyone, but especially if you have Chronic Activated Epstein-Barr Virus (CAEBV) or even more so SCAEBV  (Severe…), should take a look at their total daily EMF exposure and minimize it!”

I would add a subscription to Focused Life Force Energy which provides a vibrational energy focused on your property along with EMF mitigation. The vibration being focused is resonant with the Shungite stone. 

Again it would be my experience with my spirit guides coming through as a group or all one voice in early April 2020 that I first heard the word “shungite”.  This was the time they originally expressed a concern over my health.  In asking this group what it’s name was I heard, over and over, “Shongu Shungite, Shongu Shungite, Shongu Shungite”.  I asked “well is it Shongu or Shungite?”  I hear “Shongu Shungite” again.  I say, “fine then I will call you Shongu.”  That was enough synchronicity for me to give the free trials a try.  I have been a subscriber now for 1.5 years and absolutely love this service.  

I get a great deal of orb activity around me which also appears to indicate the presence of angelic guides or “the helpful ones”

I was getting better a little at a time with the proper vitamins, supplements and antiviral herbal teas and tinctures.  By January of 2022 I’d added both Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin to my personal protocol, both recommended by the Dr I met with through America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS).  April 2022 I would finally meet Dr. Judy in person and at that time I’d also meet the person I call my Pastor and my Medicine Man, Andrew Serafini and his wife René. See the pictures below.

Dr. Judy directed me over to Rene and Andrew’s table saying, “this couple here can help you,” after confirming for me that EBV is indeed an XMRV.  At their table they were selling supplements and tinctures and offering advice to folks.  They were also swamped with a crowd of about 10 – 15 around the table at any given time.

I had caught René’s eye and she asked what she could do for me.  I just said, “I have chronic Epstein-Barr.”

“Oh!  You need celery juice and you need to talk to Andrew.”  I’m sure my face fell at the mention of celery juice but I did purchase the supplements and took Andrew’s business card.  He was too busy to speak to at that time.  That was April 1st and I would have my first telephone consult on May 22nd. Andrew and René own Hemp Mind and Body Works and offer a variety of natural, herbal and cbd supplements, vitamins, balms, tinctures, etc., as well, they provide consulting and resource information on the work they do. They have both been on the front lines of the Plandemic war being raging around us.

Andrew has had issues with the EBV as has his wife so I was talking to someone who had already walked their talk.  What really surprised me though was that Andrew could have sold me stuff from his own shop.  Instead he referred me to the work of Anthony Williams, the Medical Medium, and told me to start watching his videos, reading his books and follow the chat forums to begin learning about my condition and what changes I needed to make in my diet.

I had quit so many bad habits and learning that I had yet more to change wasn’t easy for me. My eating habits were atrocious because I’d never tried to learn an alternative. It was simply time to make that change and open the Medical Medium books I have and get to work.

Andrew has never asked me to try something he himself or René hasn’t already had success with. A breath of fresh air compared to Rockefeller medicine which just keeps changing or adding medicines to effect some sort of change. Sometimes not for the better. Andrew also helped me by simply telling me to no longer identify myself with my disease. I stopped seeing myself as a person with chronic conditions and more as a person that was healing physically, mentally and spiritually.

Andrew and René invited me to join their Friday prayer group via video chat.  Here we talk about Jesus. We share the Holy Bible and its teachings around what is occurring in the world, and we share how we are managing and ask for prayer where we need it.  We pray together for peace, healing and protection for those who are sharing the truth.  Most of all we pray for each other.  There are almost 40,000 Christian denominations in the world but Light Dove Ministries seems focused on the Christ teachings and specific Biblical pillars that you can read more about by clicking their name above. They don’t care what brought you to Jesus, they are there to help you get to know Him better and the healing follows.

In the end it was the work of Dr. Judy Mikovits that first validated what I had received by angelic download in 2020, that there was something wrong inside my body, I needed to take care of it, and I would be led to the right people, places and things to assist me…but that I’d have to be responsible for discerning the information. I would need to go full circle, not only with my childhood memories [see Part 4 Contact: Experiencers] but that it would all link up to my current health issue and also world current events.

What I was learning was that there is a root cause to our suffering. Yes, choices matter, what you choose to put in your body matters…everything! My being ill or well is something within my own control, fully. I required knowledge first but in quick order I required my relationship with Christ to renew, a humbleness of heart and a faith that I will improve in order to feel as well as I feel today.

This ends Chapter 2, whew. I’ll move on to Chapter 3 where I’ll discuss the “classified medical industry”, “the spiritual war” and how Anthony Williams the Medical Medium has been exposing EBV for decades before COVID-19, has a very special knowledge of this virus as Angelically downloaded to him. Also I’ll narrow down my entire protocol as I follow it today under the guidance of Andrew and Rene Serafini. Please do not take any of this as medical advice, always seek the advice of a professional that you trust. before making any changes to your personal practices.

A final note: as my guides would have it I was led to yet another source for healing and faith via my relationship with Andrew and René Serafini, and just discovered yesterday. I’ve searched for a church where my experiences would be honored and not feared and I believe I have found one. I hope to be baptized in this church in the near future. More on that coming….


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